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About us

We are group of friends from Bali with a shared passion for adventure, health and sport!

Zn is a brand of natural sun protectant for extreme surf, sport enthusiasts and people with active lifestyles.

Our products are especially beneficial for people who are sporty, athletic and on the go. We´ve been developing each Zn formula for over a year and were constantly testing it on real surfers all over Indonesia and in the other climate conditions to find the perfect balance between ingredients, scent, degree of stickiness and color. We produce products that have minimal impact on the environment.

Special thanks to all our friends and people who support our small brand and share our mission!

  • Protection of Zinc works  100% of time and product satisfaction guaranteed.
    Water+sweat resistant (80min).
    Cares for the skin and nourishing with oils and extracts

  • Eco friendly convenient package 
    Mirror in the lid

  • Mineral filters and pigments - Non nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide.



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